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Seven years ago while running our company Your Local Handyman, Inc we noticed a growing trend of plumbing services needed in Southern California homes. Many of our clients were coming to us with copper piping leaks and plumbing related issues. After doing research and diving into this growing problem we found out that the problem wasn’t due to bad or old plumbing, it was what was in the water itself causing massive corrosion and scale build-up, literally forcing pipes to burst. What we discovered was that most of the water is contaminated with Chloramines among other harmful levels of chemicals, these are added to municipal water to kill viruses and bacteria. Chloramines are also very corrosive and literally eat through copper piping in your home, causing costly repairs. 

We first noticed the start of this chemical being used by water companies after a growth in copper water pipe replacement jobs we were doing in houses and condos all across California. SoCal Healthy Water came about  because the only way to be confident in your home’s water is to have a whole home water filtration system and salt-free conditioner protecting your family. We are a passion driven team to educate the public, bring awareness around water quality and give our clients peace of mind with a high quality water filter system they can trust in. 

A whole home water filter delivers clean water to the entire home. Straight from the tap for your whole family.



During our research and working with our clients over the years we have also that there is much bigger health crisis with the exposure to Chloramines and other harmful chemicals in our local water. The exposure to this chemical is causing men, women, and teenagers to lose hair and get skin rashes. If this sounds like I’m speaking to you then the only way to stop this is to filter the water and soften it with a chloramines whole house filtration and salt free conditioner. 

We’ve made it our mission to offer a practical, environmentally-friendly solution. We want to bring awareness to the masses and help you and your family live your best life by ensuring the most important thing you put into your body is pure. Call us today to start getting clean and healthy water straight from your home faucet. 



Chris is the owner of another successful and award winning company, Your Local Handyman Inc. Originally from Tucson AZ, Chris has been serving the Greater Los Angeles area for about 10 years with his handyman and Licensed Plumbing (#954954) services. With the knowledge he’s gained over the years of running a successful handyman company that focuses on Plumbing Remodels, among other home improvement upgrades, Chris has watched a growing trend of poor water quality in the Southern California region. He noticed this in his own home and while service clients with water quality issues, or copper piping renovations. Chris passionately provides his clients with education and awareness around water quality and gives them confidence in taking full control of their water source with whole home water filtration and conditioner systems with his genuine craftsmanship and quality work.

Over 10 years of plumbing experience. We are your specialists for home water filtration installations and related services.

I can guarantee that quality installations and customer satisfaction are still my main priorities. Giving my clients peace of mind that they are putting pure and healthy water into their bodies is what we love to do!"

​- Chris D. Owner

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